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05 October 2011 @ 01:39 am

So...it's been ages since I've updated the last time, and that's why I won't put up EVERYTHING I made in these months, it'll be too long and I will spare you the trash 8D Moreover, I'm sure nobody will mind if I keep it short with the descriptions (at least those that I can't copy from somewhere else 8DD), I'm not even sure they're going to be read anyway. I think Livejournal is becoming a ghost city "8D

I'm going to put aaaaaaall of these under a huge cut, in case you're interested go ahead and click!

9 pictures 9 here!! There's coloured stuff...and fanarts!! Marvels and marvels!Collapse )
Ok, after this spam I should come back to post regularly when I have some stuff. Thumb up if you care!!:D
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29 May 2011 @ 06:26 pm
This is a weird post, for me, because of the extraordinary number of TWO COLOURED PIECES THAT I LIKE. That doesn't happen very often, guys. Rejoice with me, while I procrastinate my homework shamelessly!

Title: Teamwork
Series/Characters: OC - Anacoridres and Lysias
Media: Pencil, pigment liner, felt-tip pen, Painter and Photoshop
Description: Here's our two greek boys with Juba the horse, now in coloured version! I played with the light and the atmosphere and I'm pretty satisfied of the result, this is close to the effect that I had in mind and wanted to reach, even though it's full of countless flaws 8D Let this be a tribute to the great adventure I was able to roleplay with these characters and with my lovely DaphneArgent ♥
Follow us among the olive trees of the prosper land of Greece!Collapse )

Title: Convenient ploy
Series/Characters: OC - Leander and Katrina
Media: Pencil and pigment liner
Description: This is a little scene from their adventure...my bestie asked me to draw these two (Leander's mine and Katrina belongs to her) and since I loved this moment, I chose this. Leander is taking advantage of the tricks he knows to survive in the jungle to impress Katrina, even though she's definitely good at taking care of herself 8D Why does my scanner hates freckles?
Laziest background ever, but hey! At least with hatching.Collapse )

Title: Escape
Series/Characters: OC - Enea
Media: Pencil, pigment liner and Photoshop
Description: I always love when other people use this kind of style. It makes shadows look so powerful and cool, especially for dramatic scenes...so, since this WAS a dramatic scene, I decided to give it a try. I'm not satisfied at all of the result, but it was pretty fun to do, and I can still try again and get better next time XD This is my character Enea escaping from his persecutors and ready to kick ass. Again, why does my scanner hates freckles?
And they still treat him like a little kid. Boy, you need a beard.Collapse )

Title: Pirate of Malaysia
Series/Characters: OC - Xue
Media: Pencil, pigment liner and felt-tip pen
Description: And here's the coloured version of malaysian pirate!Xue. As I already mentioned, the covers of Sandokan's books are all in art nouveau style, and I went for something similar here :3 THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN♥♥♥ This was a fulfilling experience and even though it sounds absurd said by me, I can't wait to colour something else after finishing this *__*
Stuzzichini. Moscardini.Collapse )

Woah I'm running out of pictures to submit on DeviantArt. This is madness. Never happened to me since years 8DD Am I getting more active on DeviantArt or less active when it comes to pictures? I hope the first option is the right one XD
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18 May 2011 @ 06:20 pm

Sorry for the absence, I've been busy with a practical course of archaelogy in the beautiful ancient roman city of Ostia antica :D♥
And that's unrelated, but half of my house just dried from being flooded. Stupid, stupid water pipes.

Title: Pirate of Malaysia
Series/Characters: OC - Xue
Media: Pencil, pigment liner and felt-tip pen
Description: Though I know they've been translated, I really doubt that Sandokan's books are famous abroad as they are in Italy. They're usually read by adventurous little boys, but I've been inspired by their super cool art-nouveau covers and started to read them recently. I LOVE THEM. They're very old-fashioned and full of clichès, but so enjoyable, and the characters are just epic 8DD♥ So...Sandokan is a malaysian pirate. Xue lives in Malaysia (even though he's chinese) and that was enough for me to decide to draw him in Sandokan's attire 8DD it was so much fun. This will be coloured.
To look like him, he'd need a glorious beard he's never going to haveCollapse )

Title: Food.
Series/Characters: My friend Greendruid
Media: Photoshop
Description: This was inspired by Sassy Creed's "BENE" button, and my friend greendruid's efforts of cooking italian food in the States (that, and his constant talking about it 8DD♥ It's not a pillow, it's not a flour bag, it's HIM. That's how I draw him. Long story 8D
After all there's nothing more BENE than CIBO.Collapse )

Title: Crucial choice
Series/Characters: OC - Basil
Media: Pencil and pigment liner
Description: Basil was born as a side character for a roleplay, but gradually became more and more important. I'm the one who controls him, so I got fond of him :D This is a scene from the adventure, a very harsh situation for the poor guy...he had to pretend he wanted to be initiated to an enemy order to be a spy among them, but to be accepted he had to land the final blow on a prisoner...only to find out he was one of his comrades :< poor poor Basil, contemplating the choice.
Mosques are amazingly beautiful *weeps while looking at references*Collapse )

Title: Angry fox
Series/Characters: OC - Tokala
Media: Pencil
Description: I had finished to read my book and was waiting for lunch, so this is a pencil scribble that came out in that occasion 8D nothing special, but sometimes it's so good to forget about ink and colouring and just focus on the pencil and the shading.
The messy side of le Ilweran!Collapse )

Title: The little Ely
Series/Characters: Ilweran à la The Little Mermaid
Media: Photoshop
Description: Just a doodle to tell my friends I missed them ;3;♥ (it was actually more succesful that some of my serious works. Maybe I should stick to silly little sketches "8D)
Got partially ignored 8DCollapse )

Title: Space aztec
Series/Characters: OC - Qaletaqa
Media: Pencil and pigment liner
Description: Part of an art trade with DaphneArgent :3 She asked me for her character Qaletaqa, who is a sort of space aztec of the future and has a very flashy way to dress. I had tons of fun with all the feathers and I actually really like the way this came out! But, since it depicts a young Qaletaqa who still doesn't have all of his tattoos, I feel like no matter how much stuff he has on him, he looks...NAKED XD
Current song title is oddly fitting to thisCollapse )

That's all for now, I lost a bit track of LJ AGAIN, I guess...I'll try to be a good girl >8| I won't have much to do in the close future after all.

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HA! It took a long while and I complained in many posts, but finally here's one with something coloured in it. Something coloured seriously, I mean 8DD

Title: Teamwork
Series/Characters: OC - Anacoridres and Lysias
Media: Pencil, pigment liner and felt-tip pen
Description: Omg. This has to be the first horse I've drawn in years, I can't believe it came out blatantly out of proportion but otherwise decently looking...I'm so proud of myself!!:D I found the courage to do this because Juba, the horse you see here, became an important character in this story even though he wasn't supposed to be...XD And since he has been such a loyal, pretty horse, I decided to reward him with this picture. The wavy haired guy is Lysias, Juba's owner, and on the left you can see Anacoridres (DaphneArgent's character) claiming Lysias' attention for his own, because Juba is spoiled enough :3 I think I'm going to colour this.
That doesn't change the fact that Juba always gets what he wants. Look at him. SMUG.Collapse )

Title: Gossip
Series/Characters: OC - Pepito and Fabienne
Media: Pencil and pigment liner
Description: This is just a quick sketch, as you can see by the SUPER CROOKED background, but I admit I quite like it! After playing so much Assassin's Creed 2 and reading the latest volume of Cesare (a manga about Cesare Borgia), I couldn't help but be in the mood for *unf* Renaissance outfits...and I just re-read about these two, so I felt like drawing something. Fabienne is the daughter of a banker and she's slightly out of her mind. Pepito is her sarcastic, imaginary friend :D I love him. So...imagine the creepy scene of her laughing by herself in a corner at the market place 8D
Puffy sleeves love is never going to endCollapse )

Title: Zuleika
Series/Characters: OC - Zuleika
Media: Pencil, pigment liner and Painter
Description: My new character! So much DRAMA going on in her life...she's kind of an agent working for her old master, with whom she has a relationship of dependence and respect, but also terror and disgust buried deeply in her heart. She's blinded by the way he raised her in his madness and lies :< good thing she can rely on her twin brother!♥

Look at us! We're sketches for a character design!!Collapse )

Title: Ride like the wind
Series/Characters: OC - Mystral
Media: Pencil, pigment liner, felt-tip pen, Photoshop and Painter
Description: YES, FINALLY, YES!!! It's been really AGES since I coloured something with a little bit of effort, for various reasons. I missed having some serious, complete picture!! (nevermind the silly background 8D) Here's my old character Mystràl, you've seen her recently in the black and white version of this. It's been really hard to get used to Painter 11 after using version 7 for so long...D:
Textures kind of disappear with this size, but oh well.Collapse )

Oh, Painter...! I'm glad we are in each other's arms again, at last <3
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08 April 2011 @ 06:00 pm
Still not colouring *sob*

Title: Pen sketches galore
Series/Characters: OC - Top row, left to right: Enea, Lysias, Addie, Mary Lee. Bottom row: Kiyoshi, Xue, Leander, Tokala.
Media: Pen
Description: Most of the lessons I attend nowadays are not exactly crowded. I can have from three to just one person together with me and the teacher, and obviously doodling in class is out of question in these cases 8D The only one that makes an exception and allows me to relieve my sleepiness is Methodology of archaeologic research, and that's what spawned these little sketches. There's not much to say about them, they're one of my favourite kind of things to draw: PORTRAITS. WITHOUT HANDS OR BODIES OR ANYTHING. Yay!!
I made some more evident mistakes in drawing these from memory, such as Xue's tattoo or Kiyoshi's background, buth let's face it, this was no serious business 8D
Seriously. Why do human beings had to have hands?Collapse )

Now I'll go back to trying to finish to draw this stupid horse :|
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I bring good and bad news! The good is that I finally have Painter again. The bad is that it didn't change the fact that I'm being too lazy to colour pictures lately. So...here's another huge dose of black and white for you guys!

Title: Video games do increase violence
Series/Characters: OC - Meppa and Nicolàs
Media: Pencil, pigment liner and felt-tip pen
These guys are such Yin and Yang that they're always extremely entertaining to draw!8DD Meppa is strong-willed and energic, while Nicolàs is bored by life and doesn't give a damn about anything...when I play the Wii with DaphneArgent, Meppa's owner, we often use their Mii, so it's easy to picture scenes of how a session of gaming by them would be like XD Nicolàs keeps on failing and just shrugs, Meppa wants to kill him.
"You pushed me OFF THE CLIFF..." "Yes." "And then you FELL." Yes.." "I'm going to crush your bones."Collapse )

Title: Ride like the wind
Series/Characters: OC - Mystral
Media: Pencil, pigment liner and felt-tip pen
This is a very old character of mine that suddenly jumped back into my mind! I was reminiscing about old characters I never really used much...this brings back memories! It's a pity I didn't have the chance to roleplay her a lot, I liked this lady. Mystral is a quirky woman that believes in only one law: feeling free. I'm definitely going to colour this one so this won't be a definitive version, please nevermind the pencil lines still on it XD
What's with me and drawing poses I can't draw.Collapse )

Title: Assassin's Creed sketch dump #2
Series/Characters: Assassin's Creed 1 & 2 - Altair, Ezio, Leonardo and Malik
Media: Pencil, pigment liner, felt-tip pen and Photoshop
The obsession goes on, and so the stupid fanarts. Be patient with me!
- GOD, WAS THAT INFORMER ANNOYING. While I was playing AC1 I didn't mind being scolded by Malik, but this guys was absolutely gratuitous!!8D Such a troll. Altair accepts the missions, but I had to depict what I thought was going on in his head at the moment 8D
- I know Malik is not dressed to properly hide among the scholars, but I was too amused with my own thought to let this pass 8D I was talking with my friends about Malik and I was about to say that he needed to hide among scholars WHEN I REALIZED THIS. Poor Malik.
- DaphneArgent asked me to draw Ezio holding "hands" with Visitazione's octopus XD I didn't even know yet that this guy existed, so when she told me I went to check...what the heck.
- The chibi Ezio and Leo were inspired by countless hours spent reading fanfics...I don't mean to offend anyone but I have to admit that, being italian, sometimes it's pretty entertaining to see the mistakes in the attempt at italian language in fanfics and fanarts XD I read a lot of very fluffy stuff with Ezio and Leonardo calling each other "il mio amore" or something like that, and it sounds a little weird in italian, so I had to make my version XD What Leo is saying would sound a bit like "I love you, the my little ox ♥"
If only my obsession forced me to draw serious pictures, it would be more welcome!Collapse )

Title: Rounded
Series/Characters: OC - Lars
Media: Photoshop
This is just what my mind produces when I'm bored. The text says "Lars is a well-rounded character" and Lars is commenting "...rounded?" BECAUSE HE USED TO BE A CHUBBY KID AND HAS A BODY SHAPE COMPLEX. Here's my high class humour for you 8DD (I'm actually kind of lucky if the joke works in english as well)
There really is no excuse for this, except that this is the humour that runs in my family's blood 8DCollapse )

Title: Enea
Series/Characters: OC - Enea
Media: Pencil, pigment liner and Painter
Meet Enea, my new character! Which, and I swear by a completely UNAWARE choice, is an italian character with the colour scheme of the italian flag...my god 8D Italy's 150th birthday must have planted more seeds in my mind than I thought. As you can see this is just the inital rough sketch of the character I usually do when I create a new one, so nothing special on the artistic side (it even has the hair-overlapping-eyes effect OF DOOM).
I know for sure that he looks more like an irish patriot than an italian one...Collapse )

And that's about it!
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04 March 2011 @ 11:53 pm
This time it's not my fault if the post is long! My computer died, I had exams, and...ok it's my fault too 8DD but now I'm happy and free from exams, with a new computer and fangirling like there's no tomorrow, so I couldn't ask for more!!:DD BE HAPPY WITH ME!!!♥♥♥

Title: Kite
Series/Characters: None
Media: Pencil, pigment liner, felt-tip pen, black marker and white pencil
Not inspired by anything in particular, I just found a piece of carboard and wanted to make something a little different with it. Who doesn't love silhouettes of trees and little fat birds?♥ I know it looks more post-apocaliptic than endearing, but I like it nonetheless 8D
Guess where my pen slipped!Collapse )

Title: The youngsters
Series/Characters: OC - Italo and Bithika
Media: Pencil, pigment liner and felt-tip pen
Yes, because the youngsters of the party needed some attention! I wanted to draw these two together (and in a less silly way than the Bollywood picture 8D) so here they are, Greendruid's Italo, with his trusted baggage, and little Bithika eating...something...I don't know, it looks like a big oreo but is probably some kind of cornbread...thing...
Oreo: an indian traditionCollapse )

Title: Eamon
Series/Characters: OC - Eamon
Media: Pencil and pigment liner
I promised to my friend Greendruid that I would draw something for him if he had finished his house chores, so when he came back and requested his character Eamon, this is what came out :3 First time I drew him, althought not my first attempt...it's too hard for me to draw a guy that is either wearing an armour or is naked :|
Now I understand why my teacher used to make us fill sheets of straight linesCollapse )

Title: Shall we dance?
Series/Characters: OC - Katrina and Leander
Media: Pencil and pigment liner
I feel bad for not drawing better pictures of Leander, I like him very much but I hate to draw slicked back hair :\ Here he is stealing a dance from DaphneArgent's lovely Katrina, and you can already see in their eyes that they perfectly know how the night is going to end...sappiness ensues!
You can't really see her freckles in digital version uwuCollapse )

Title: Assorted cuteness
Series/Characters: Totoro&Charlie the Unicorn inspired!
Media: Photoshop
Well these are certainly special XDD The first one is a picture I drew for the birthday of a friend, and it depicts none other than me. In a Totoro outfit. I wish I really had it 8DD♥ And the second one...I've been asked if I've ever drawn a liopleurodon and I couldn't resist the challenge...and if you know Charlie the Unicorn you know how important liopleuredon are uwu
The flowers are absolutely gratuitous, of courseCollapse )

Title: Assassin's Creed sketch dump
Series/Characters: Assassin's Creed 1 & 2 - Ezio, Altair, Leonardo, Malik and Maria
Media: Pencil, pigment liner and felt-tip pen
It's official: I have a new pc, I can finally play Assassin's Creed, and I'm more than happy to do so! I finished the first one and I'm currently dealing with the second one...EZIO, Y U SO DREAMY??♥♥♥ Seriously, I'm in love .__. I love these moments of crazy fangirling and here are some crazy fanart to prove that these guys are keeping my thoughts busy 8DD The first two are the best attempts at drawing manly Ezio and Altair in my not very manly style. I'm working on it 8D (I'm sorry Leonardo, I don't think I could draw you because you have evident facial hair and that goes beyond my possibilities). Please nevermind what Ezio is saying in both his picture: it's some vulgar stuff in dialect that cannot even remotely be translated by me 8D And the Altair chibis...first one is with Malik being sour like a lemon as he always is (and don't misunderstand me: I LOVE him being that way 8D I was actually disappointed when he started being kinder with Altair) and the second one is inspired by the page of the Codex with Maria's portrait...I just can't imagine Altair drawing that, I thought it was adorable XDD Nothing is true, everything is permitted, even my terrible fanartsCollapse )

I should really, REALLY find the courage to start colouring serious pictures again ç__ç
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04 February 2011 @ 12:48 am
Okay, this is going to be long 8D I'm getting the habit of not posting often enough and therefore I always fill posts with too many pictures...but I clearly remember than when I started this journal I used to submit more regularly. I'll try to go back to those times 8D
But that's how life is, I've been away for all the Christmas holidays, then had to study about exams...now I still have to study for exams, but at least I'm back on track :D So...I'm back, hello everyone!

Let the slighly serious stuff be here...

At least I put effort in the birthday pictures!Collapse )

...and let the total craziness start from this point.

Hideous songs references, Nyoron comics, Assassin's Creed not-so-serious art and much more!!Collapse )

*sends love to everyone and then goes back to...to...procrastinate, of course*
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10 December 2010 @ 08:25 pm
I thought I'd better catch up with LJ before going on my Christmas trip, or there would be way too much stuff to check on my return XD
Swim away, fugu fish, swim away! (sorry, that's pretty much the smartest thing I'm able to say right now)

Too much stuff for separated lj-cuts, this time!Collapse )

You may have realized by my unusually short descriptions that this post is already too full for my tastes, but now it's over! 8DD I'm leaving for vacations soon and I don't know if I'll be able to update before january, and if that's the case...MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!♥♥♥
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After a long day spent learning about the Achaemenids, and filling forms to request books from the library, nothing better than post a couple of pictures! Certainly better than being here by myself and get bored 8D

Title: Woodchopper Tokala
Series/Characters: OC - Tokala
Media: Pencil, pigment liner, felt-tip pen and Painter
I hope this doesn't seem generically distasteful, I just wanted to picture how Tokala would look in a modern setting, and here he is! I actually enjoyed very much drawing this XD you can tell by the fact that I took the time not only to colour it (which is getting more and more rare) but also - OH SHOCK! - to draw a background. I took inspiration by a photo of the Pine Ridge reservation because, even if in his own setting I kind of invented Tokala's tribe, I always pictured it to be very alike to the Lakota (as someone can maybe tell from Tokala's name, which is the lakota word for "fox"...well the name is actually longer, but I don't want to embarass myself with my poor knowledge of lakota grammar), because I have a lot of feelings for their culture.
Entering...the poorest reservation of the US, I'm afraid.Collapse )

Title: Prelude to Infidelity
Series/Characters: OC - Lars and Kathleen
Media: Pencil and pigment liner
Something I've been wanting to do for a while. The first contact of Lars with his now-ex Kathleen, when he recognized her and tried to comfort her a bit from her problems with her husband (who is the coach of Lars's sister, Nikki). Lars is a genuinely good guy! He deserves more love!
Someone wants me to colour this, but I'm still not so sure...8DDCollapse )

Title: Choke&Chips
Series/Characters: OC - Meppa and Nicolàs
Media: Pencil and pigment liner
I love the relationship these two share, and the way Meppa fights with Nicolàs and Nicolàs merely bickers because he's too lazy to argue appropriately, and that makes Meppa even madder 8DD I don't really like the way this picture came out, but drawing Meppa is always fun! Here she's about to strangle Nicolàs just to steal some chips. Oh, and she belongs to DaphneArgent.
Flawless ChemistryCollapse )

Title: Dino Love
Series/Characters: OC - Benjamin
Media: Pencil and Sai
We always joke about the fact that Benjamin used to LOVE dinosaurs when he was a little kid...and ok, who didn't love dinosaurs as a child? The problem is that, when we joke about that, we make his passion a little bit too extreme 8DD but anyway! That's why I imagined that when he's going to have a daughter with Swanhild, she's going to have dinosaurs plushies, and under his rough look he'd be kind of envious of her 8DD
Guest star: Dina <3Collapse )

Title: Omae Low Tension Boy
Series/Characters: OC - Meppa and Nicolàs
Media: Photoshop
Okaaaaay, this is more a tribute than a real picture...XD Some parts of the song "Omae Low tension Girl" by Group Tamashii reminds me a lot fo Meppa and Nicolàs, and I freaking LOVE that song, so I drew one of the panels of the Hetalia fan video I first heard it in, but with the two of them. It's...kind of impossible to understand if you don't know it 8DD If anybody's interested, here's the video, but since the one with the english subtitles exists no more, here's a different one which is...kind of...translated, badly but translated, I guess XDD
Dal capo elettricista di Tensssssion...Collapse )

...and tomorrow I'm going to see Jesus Christ Superstar performed in original language!! HOORAY!!!!
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